How To Solve Greasy Hair Problems.

My hair is the worst when it comes to oiliness and trying to manage it. I can hardly go a day without feeling the need to scrub it and it's the worst feeling in the world. So because of this I decided to look up different ways to manage the grease situation (ew) and hope other... Continue Reading →


Sleek Make-up Brush Set Review

I really loved this set of brushes by Sleek. I have wanted a nice set of makeup brushes for a while now, so I eventually decided on this particular brand and I was delighted I did. In this set you get a foundation brush, a powder brush, a blush brush, and eye contour brush, and... Continue Reading →

DIY Gift

There is nothing as bad as not knowing what to get someone for their Birthday, Christmas or whatever celebration that is in need of presents. You don't want to get them something generic that has no real meaning and possibly stay hidden in a press unopened for the rest of its days. I faced the... Continue Reading →

Makeup routine for eczema

I've had eczema for years now, on my face , arms, neck, back , everywhere. Having eczema is an absolute nightmare, especially on your face. Apart from it being sore and itchy , it gives you nice red patches  and your only hope to cover them up is makeup, which can make it just as... Continue Reading →

L’Oreal Infallible Review

So recently I decided to buy myself some decent makeup for once, and bought L'Oreal Infallible foundation , primer, and a long awaited contouring kit (it was a three for two ). As I usually use the cheaper brands, like Essence, Wet'n'wild ,Catrice and Rimmel (cheap compared to L'Oreal) It was obviously a huge difference in quality to what I... Continue Reading →

The Liebster Award

Thanks so much to Not a fashionista for the nomination!  Please check out her blog ❤ Here Are The Rules: Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog Copy and paste the Liebster Award badge to your post Nominate 5-11 bloggers Answer the 10 questions the person who nominated you asked you Create... Continue Reading →


Mood:Bored ^^^ Yup, see what i did there :p A moodboard is such a great way to gather some well needed inspiration in times of  zero motivation. They're  so easy to do and pretty straight forward . They're a great reminder of things you like , and also a good way to figure out what you... Continue Reading →

DIY Ripped Jeans

Ripping your own jeans is so easy to do and great if you want to upgrade/degrade you old jeans that have been just chilling at the back of the wardrobe. It only takes a few easy steps and a bit of your time 🙂 What you will need : Scissors. Razor. Tweezers (you can also... Continue Reading →

DIY top from scarf

For this post I've decided to show you all how to make a quick and easy poncho style top out of a scarf that you might have lying around.  I am not exaggerating when I say I own an unnecessary amount of scarfs. Anytime I go shopping they're on sale for a euro which I find... Continue Reading →

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